October 14, 2012

Post-Voronoi Study

Voronoi, which has been used thousands of times, would like to have its new life if with a better use. Here's some study including self scaling, boundary element deleting, ripple layering, continuity conditional face deleting and smooth framing:

121013_Voronoi_0 121013_Voronoi_smooth frame 121013_Voronoi_2 121013_Voronoi_1

Voxel Study - Python Script in Rhino 5

Expect this effect for long and now its working!









Bifurcation Diagram in Processing - with file

One of the most classic example in Chaos Theory.
The formula is really simple: x = 3.8 * x * (x - 1). Have fun!

Processing File Link

result_bifurcation diagram2

result_bifurcation diagram

Catia Practice - Ball Chair

Notes that Catia has a very good capability of poly-surface offset, boolean and complaxity management.

14_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 13_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 12_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 15_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 16_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 17_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 21_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 22_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 23_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 24_Catia Practice_Ball Chair 001_Catia Study_Module Array 002_Catia Study_Module Array 003_Catia Study_Module Array 004_Catia Study_Module Array

Thin Profile 3D-Print - Eden Project

0.8mm plastic based 3D-Print in GSAPP, Columbia University

3D Print Model of Eden Project

3D Print Model of Eden Project

3D Print Model of Eden Project