July 16, 2009

Grasshopper - gmp - SOSC _ #03 - Outdoor Diving Pool Roof 3D model in browser

progressing the tendering drawing of facade and roof
all the work are really base on the 3-Dimension geometry
considering all the details including cladding meterial fixing, substructure, drainage system, membrane, acoustic effect, competition and landscape lighting, catwalk, maintain entrance, bracing penetration, and so on...
since the cladding meterial are decided as aluminum but not GRC, in order to lower the risk on hand of possibility, all cladding division and related details will be redone in a relative short time T_T

here presents the 3D model of Outdoor Diving Pool Roof model in browser
to be honest, this excits me so much to view real 3D objects in Flash-swf in browser!
it's not any more hard to imaging that in the future, there's no software, no harddisk
every thing are in browser in form of 3D or even 4D, which can be accessful anywhere there's a output device
lol ~

pls. click the pic or the link following: :)


June 16, 2009

Grasshopper - gmp - SOSC _ #02 - mockup

first of all, the SASC – Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center was renamed by the mayor
now it is called SOSC – Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
(seems all important building or event are called “Oriental XX” in Shanghai ...)

the façade and roof 1:1 mockup of SOSC is finished
it is one corner of the last girder of natatorium
and the girders is one series of slightly changing shapes
which is generated by grasshopper
and whose surfaces are all part of developed-geometry, balls or tubes

mockup drawings


shape-finding describe of the mockup solid base for façade company

typical detail

“really huge!”
was the first word when any of us saw it first time
it’s actually 11m high

January 30, 2009

just finished - Dubai Competition_#02



after half a year's running
finally we finished the Dubai Competition
from design, scripting, modeling, to rendering and layout
here's some shot of the layout
i've no idea if there will come any result for the competition it's self
opposite with more than 4000 competitor
but really
i got a lot in the progress

January 5, 2009

happY neW yeaR ! - a basic rhino script tutorial - with code & files

hey every body
happy new year to all

it's a script with fuction :
"isPointInSurfaces(arrStrObject, arrPoint)"
"randRange(min, max)"
the aim is generate random position points in a certain cage made of several closed polysurfaces

here's the video tutorial:

here's the code:

Option Explicit
'Script written by popabczhang
'Script copyrighted by popabczhang
'Script version 2008-12-31 17:34:50

Dim i,j
Dim xx:xx=0
Dim yy:yy=1
Dim zz:zz=2

Call happYneWyeaR()

Sub happYneWyeaR()
Dim i
Dim arrTmpPt(2)

Dim arrPts()
Do While i <= 2999

arrTmpPt(xx) = randRange(0,700*100)/100
arrTmpPt(yy) = randRange(0,90*100)/100
arrTmpPt(zz) = randRange(0,1*100)/100
If isPointInSurfaces(Rhino.ObjectsByName("cage"),arrTmpPt) Then
ReDim Preserve arrPts(i)
arrPts(i) = arrTmpPt
rhino.AddPoint arrTmpPt
rhino.Print "point(" & i & ")"

i = i+1
End If
End Sub

Function isPointInSurfaces(arrStrObject, arrPoint)
Dim blnTemp:blnTemp = False
For i = 0 To UBound(arrStrObject)
If Rhino.IsPointInSurface(arrStrObject(i), arrPoint) Then
blnTemp = True
End If
isPointInSurfaces = blnTemp
End Function

Function randRange(min, max)
randRange = min+rhino.Floor(Rnd*(max-min))
End Function

here's the files ( 3dm & rvb ) :