June 16, 2009

Grasshopper - gmp - SOSC _ #02 - mockup

first of all, the SASC – Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center was renamed by the mayor
now it is called SOSC – Shanghai Oriental Sports Center
(seems all important building or event are called “Oriental XX” in Shanghai ...)

the façade and roof 1:1 mockup of SOSC is finished
it is one corner of the last girder of natatorium
and the girders is one series of slightly changing shapes
which is generated by grasshopper
and whose surfaces are all part of developed-geometry, balls or tubes

mockup drawings


shape-finding describe of the mockup solid base for façade company

typical detail

“really huge!”
was the first word when any of us saw it first time
it’s actually 11m high

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Howard Jiho Kim said...

this is really impressive :) keep up the great work!