December 15, 2008

Grasshopper - gmp - SASC _ #01 - introduction

sorry for long time no updating the main issue
coz i'm really involved in an EXCITING real project of our office - gmp
SASC - shanghai aquatic sports center
including one gymnasium, one natatorium and one outdoor diving stadium mainly
as shown following
it's a very important and urgent project
just like the Birdnest and Watercube in Beijing for Olympic
it will be constructed and in use 2011

birds view



outdoor diving pool

view to HuangPu river

in the competition stage
it is treated very free with the control cage like that

and right now
they are proposed to be built
every piece of surface should be developed surface
such as a part of ball or tube

firstly i operate in rhino to find the correct balls and tubes
which pass through precisely the control points

it take half a day to make all the shapes of one element
so i start to realize that the progress should be some how
recorded and progammed in a smart way
of cause
first thing come in mind is GC-generativeComponent
but let's say
i tried once with GC
it's just too boring and hard to control with lot of commands, functions
and you have to get use to the MicoStation system
so finially GrassHopper is the best choice
later on i will introduce what i've done and what i'm doing more detailly


Andrea Graziano said...

Hi zhang Yan,
i make a post about your blog and the "sacs" project.
Arch.Graziano Andrea
from "DigitAG&"

JJ said...

how did you render these? They are very nice. What software did you use? Thanks