December 24, 2008

Grasshopper - Rhino Scripting - Dubai competition_#01

this is about another project i'm doing now
Dubai '08 - ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award
i do it with my professor of TongJi University and another friend together
the project is located in the center park of Dubai main city
and actually it's mainly a structure but not a volumed building
to make it special with others
we decide to use a special kind of structure called "
Tensegrity" to transparent it
and it should collect the most amount of solar energy
at the same time avoid the wind loads and free the space as much as possible
so with these conditions, what will it look like? you will know very soon
of cause this time i'll make it in Rhino and Grasshopper to generate the whole
complicated system
but very soon i start to realize that Grasshopper can not deal
with the Multi-in-multi operations but only Multi-to-multi methods
for example, you can not generate 3 curves from 3 group of points
by only 1 grasshopper operator
but it can be easily treated as stream control in Rhino Scripting
such as "For...Next" or "Do ... Loop"
so, both Grasshopper and Rhino Scripting is necessary
Grasshopper is for visualized or geometric operations
and Rhino Scripting for Multi relationships system
like control points (big amount) position generation

anyway it's still on the way
here are some trying and progress for this project:

080804 - 080816:
still scripting in Flash, output Rhino Macros commands to modeling
getting ready to generate random position, random size, random noised shapes

081130 - 081214:
discussed a lot and the main concept principally decided
grasshopper and rhino scripting to approach the goal

and there are a lot of problem interesting issue i met
during the progress
we can talk about it later separately


JJ said...

Hi. I really like you work, and was wondering what rendering engine you use. In the arena renders, can you explain to me how you got such awesome pictures. Thanks,

ZHANG Yan said...

thank you:)
it's a render software called hybershot
realy fast and easy to use with rhino
but no customer light support
i think because it is for Industry Design

liwen said...

U r so cool: When I search grasshopper and rhino via google, your blog is showed in the first page.